Nicole Mcminn

Pastel hair color trends are going nowhere anytime soon. In fact, as a professional hair stylist while perusing through Targ√©t ūüôā the other day. ¬†I noticed the dreaded L’Oreal Pastel box color that professional hairstylists are cringing at the teeth about. ¬†Personally, I have no issue with box color as many do in my profession. Simply because as soon as it goes wrong for the DIY home colorist, it immediately becomes ¬†a color correction. So what may have seemed like a cost effective process ultimately goes from a $5.00 DIY home service to an $85.00 per hour hair color...

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Whitney Steed

Products: 21 Essentials as a leave-in and cutting lotion. Finishing with 06 Rewind ¬† ¬† ¬† 28 Control Addict¬† Formula: Pre-lightened with flash lift 20vol Shades Gloss 09V Platinum Ice Shades EQ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† 20 min under heat 5 min cool When we asked Whitney what advice she would give to someone who wanted to start their own business? This is what she had to share. “I’ve been doing hair going on 10 years. A hot tip that I would give for stylist that are wanting to start their own salon business would be to take Summit...

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Shear Destiny Audio

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