Rose Gold Hair Trends Still Dominate

Rose gold hair color has been a fad for quite some time now. In fact, we recently featured  L’ANZA Advance  Healing Artist, Alicia Marcano as one of our Stylist Spotlight contributors who walks us through one of her step by step 24k rose gold creations. If I were to try and describe it as a colorist. I would have to say it’s a blush rosy/yellow vibrant pastel toned shade that is continually making waves in the world of hair color since 2016. This striking shade of hair color has been sported by countless celebrities on Instagram and Facebook. Stylists continue to...

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Rose Gold Hair Color Myths Busted

Rose gold hair color myths busted!!! Recently, I ran across an online article that had me a bit frustrated regarding rose gold DIY coloring. Let me first say this: I have no problems when it comes to free speech, personal opinions, and free enterprise. I will say that I pride myself as a professional Master Cosmetologist. Still working to grow myself both personally and technically, (as we all should be in our industry) I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to surround myself with amazing talented liked-minded professionals from various parts of the industry and different brands. I will...

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