Learn When to Let Go

Here is why I say “Money can do a lot of things. But it can’t buy happiness” One year ago, on December 8, I was in NYC to close out one of my biggest journeys in the world of haircare. This venture, as you can read in the caption, came with a lot of sacrifice but had run its course. It was nothing short of a God sent blessing that the chapter was coming to an end and a new chapter was about to begin. This is why I wrote what I did when I walked out of the...

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Serving Up Chi Latte Fall Hair Color

Becky M. Sotillo It is with great pleasure and honor that I get the chance to feature this week’s Stylist Spotlight. Have you ever met someone where, with very few words exchanged, you genuinely recognize how amazing it is to watch God’s work when he brings people together for a greater purpose than the one you could have imagined? Well that holds true for the angelic soul, Becky Sotillo. To say we’re friends would be in understatement…more like sisters through Christ. We rarely see each other, but when we do somehow we manage to bring ideas into reality. As...

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If You Say Nothing…You’ll Stand for Nothing

It may be a harsh and provocative way to catch your attention to talk about human sex-trafficking, but… “We Know Who You Are!”   Fleming Photography Photography By: Nicole Fleming  I always knew that I would become more of a philanthropist. My goals were always to get myself out of the lifestyle I grew up in and show what was possible. I was NEVER going to be someone’s property or a statistic. When I became a mother at a young age, I knew I had to protect my daughter at all cost. As I grew older, that haunting fear...

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Shear Destiny Book Launch Event

Shear Destiny Launch Party Live Event! While I’m playing catch up from one of the most amazing nights of my career. My team and I realize this stream is very long and wanted to break it down by speakers so that you could jump to the person you most want to hear from :). So, with an 1:10:03 worth of filming, here is the breakdown by name and career titles. I am also listing all of our sponsors here as well. This event would NEVER have been as successful without the LOVE and SUPPORT of each person involved.   Speakers:...

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Shear Destiny Audio

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