Anti Sex-Trafficking Lobby Day

Let Your Voice Be Heard While in my last blog I made a strong bold statement saying, “If you say nothing, you’ll stand for nothing,” it may not have set well with some people. That’s ok; it was not directed at anyone personally, other than those who chose to wait until it was too late to pay attention. That goes for me as well. Only God knows what this journey will bring me. But one thing I know for sure is it will be peace of mind knowing I did say something. Remember I shared with you that when...

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If You Say Nothing…You’ll Stand for Nothing

It may be a harsh and provocative way to catch your attention to talk about human sex-trafficking, but… “We Know Who You Are!”   Fleming Photography Photography By: Nicole Fleming  I always knew that I would become more of a philanthropist. My goals were always to get myself out of the lifestyle I grew up in and show what was possible. I was NEVER going to be someone’s property or a statistic. When I became a mother at a young age, I knew I had to protect my daughter at all cost. As I grew older, that haunting fear...

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