Becky Sotillo
Brand Partner

What, if anything, have you ever re-gifted?

I really can’t think of a time I re-gifted something.  I find it hard to be true that I’ve never done it, but not a single time that I could recall.  Maybe I’m just that good of a person that I’ve never re-gifted anything hahahahahaha 🙂

What are three things still left on your bucket list?

Do I even have a bucket list?  Maybe subconsciously I do.

I would love to take my mom on a nice vacation to somewhere she’s never been before, take her out of her comfort zone a little bit and have her experience something she’s never done and be right there beside her to share the moment.

Another travel plan on my bucket list is to take me family (husband and children) to my hometown (bay area California) and/or to the motherland (Vietnam).  I believe my family would learn more about who I am by where I came from and to embrace the roots I derived from.

Lastly, it would be a memorable day if I could have a photo shoot with a pig!  A cute baby pig…a little piglet.  Oh my goodness, I would probably make a calendar out of the photos!  If you’re wondering what’s my obsession with pigs, it’s because I was born year of the boar according to the Vietnamese zodiac.

If you were a skittle what flavor would you be and why?

GREEN!  Green is my favorite skittle, I have no idea what flavor it is but usually it’s sour and sweet…like me.  My anti-social side can seem pretty sour but I’m sweet through thoughtfulness and good intentions.  I’m a green skittle…call me grittle!  LOL 🙂