“I have had the honor of working with Monet Colbert for the last two years and would be remiss if I wasn’t able to fully convey what a “force of nature” I feel she truly is. Her passion for the Beauty Industry is palpable with every interaction I have had with her and, being a true believer of “positive reinforcement”, I often have applauded Monet for her fire that never seems to wane! She is innovative, ambitious, dependable and extremely genuine and this all comes through in everything she touches. I am excited to see what the future may bring for Monet because I believe in her as a coworker, an Artist and as a friend. The world needs more like you, Monet!“

Tara Ansty – L’Oreal Assistant Manager for Partner Brands -USA   

“Monet is both professionally and personally passionate about what she does.
Her attention to detail and the ability to observe, examine, and challenge for the bigger picture and overall success of any venture with objectivity is unparalleled. Her technical skills are diverse and her practical skills are easily applied to any area that she’s task to address. She is the consummate creative and professional individual rolled up in one.”

Siddeeqah Ra’oof – Global Director of Education / Stylist Community at L’Oreal -Biolage   

“Monet is a very talented and passionate Educator. She brings her A Game All the Time to help her customers learn and earn a Better Living. I have personally found Monet to be very organized. She plans out far in advance what she wants to do and accomplish and then she goes out and does it.
Monet has a fire inside her that people become attracted to. When someone is Positive and Successful people want to become a part of that. Monet demonstrated this to me when I interviewed her. She was very passionate about becoming a Redken Educator. It was her Dream and she was going to make her Dream happen no matter what. I saw that will to want to be successful and how contagious it was. I knew that if we hired Monet she would be able to motivate our customers to a new level.”

Scott R. Cook – Regional Director at NEUMA  

“Determined, dependable and focused are just a few words that describe Monet. I have had the honor of working alongside Monet in different markets for the last two years. During that time I have been amazed of her ability to handle her market alone, increase sales, set standards all the while it was a two person territory. She brings another part of the creative hair design industry, one that quite frankly isn’t a focus for hair designers which is the business part. She is able to break numbers down to stylist so they can understand where they stand and where they could be. She has the mindset of an achiever and she does just that!”

Eli High – L’ANZA – Education Development Specialist 

“Monet is one of the most industrious people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She has a keen eye for opportunity and knows how to make the most of it. She works tirelessly towards goals and has a keen eye for the bigger picture, this enables everyone around her to view things in a new way and therefore can be more productive. Because of Monet’s vast experience in business as well as life, she is an incredibly valuable resource and asset. It is an honor to work with her.”

Dawn Farley – Brand Sales Educator / REDKEN  

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