Entrepreneurial Architect & Brand Strategist

Monet Colbert is someone who is impossible to sum up in a nutshell, or even in this short biography that you are reading now. Her story is not a fairytale rise to success, but rather a true representation of her hard work, determination, and faith.

About Monet

Growing up in a housing project on the East Coast as a 3rd generation Sicilian Italian and African American female, Monet was surrounded by social dissidence, financial hardship and racism in her early years. It was a world where crime and drugs were rife. Monet’s dream was to be a successful actress but living in a volatile environment threw countless obstacles on her path to success. After turning just 18, she was pregnant and living in a violent domestic relationship— and miles away from realizing her dreams. Like many young women in her situation, she had the choice of succumbing to her circumstances or breaking the cycle. Monet didn’t see herself as a victim, but as a fighter, and decided to change her life for the better.

Monet relocated as a single mother to California, which led her to many new opportunities. In addition to meeting her future husband, she began to study cosmetology with the hope of somehow making her mark in the entertainment industry.

The bright lights of Hollywood attracted countless aspiring actresses just like herself, and Monet knew it wasn’t going to be an easy climb to the top so she began to study acting while working as a salon assistant in Beverly Hills. In the meantime, she participated in countless beauty shows and competitions to develop her skills and build her portfolio. Working, studying and competing while raising her daughter was difficult, but Monet had a great advantage over her competition at the many auditions that she attended.

“I always had a passion for the entertainment world and wanted to be a major player in it. I figured if I couldn’t make the cut in the audition then I could sell my skills to gain work behind the scenes as a stylist or makeup artist. It was the easiest way to stay actively involved in the film industry, and the directors got a kick out of my approach-often landing me a job on one side of the camera or the other!”

Monet’s natural charm and business skills were already paving the way to success, but she still made time to volunteer three nights a week at a youth correctional prison facility to help out troubled teenagers by offering free haircuts, and more importantly, someone to talk to.

“This was an outlet for me to reflect on where I had come from and where I was trying to go in my life at this point. I wasn’t even sure where my cosmetology license or acting was going to take me, but one thing was for sure—I always wanted to give back, no matter where my life’s journey would take me.”

Acting was proving a successful venture for Monet as she landed roles being featured in the box office hit Higher Learning and numerous theatre and television programs including Pamela Lee Andersons television show VIP and the New Love Boat TV series. Monet’s life was rapidly changing—now married and with a second child on the way, even though she was enjoying her experience in LA, the high cost of living coupled with the desire to settle in a more family-friendly environment led her to relocate to Florida with her family.

It was during this time that Monet entered the world of fitness, which would shortly become her next arena of success. What first started out as a way to get fit and feel more confident soon developed into a career which landed her numerous modeling offers and the chance to compete on a national stage. Even when she wasn’t competing, Monet was busy promoting her skills as a makeup artist and could often be found competing and working at the same event with her two girls by her side on the road with her, all while maintaining a corporate 9 to 5 job to help support her family. The networking and exposure at fitness competitions was invaluable, and using her razor sharp business skills, Monet saw an opportunity to take her cosmetology skills and love of the stage even further. She began to develop her own cosmetics line, Shades of Monet® cosmetics.

With her fan base growing every day, Monet’s cosmetics were now being used in fashion magazines, on local runway shows and in travel and lifestyle magazine photo shoots. Shades of Monet® cosmetics had everything going for it: innovative formulas unlike anything else on the market, trendy palettes that worked both in the world of fitness and fashion, and most importantly, Monet’s belief that her products would ultimately help women all over the world one day.

However, Monet faced a monumental challenge. A well-known retail giant wanted the rights to the name “Monet” for a cosmetics line of their own. Monet was devastated. Her competitor had more money, more power and more influence than her small startup and a legal battle at this stage in the game was daunting to say the least. Monet had just left her six-figure corporate job to devote her life to developing Shades of Monet®, and now everything was coming to a standstill. Even her lawyer advised her to give up.

Always a fighter, Monet refused to give up the rights to her name without a battle. Representing herself, she fought a four year legal process against the Fortune 500 company– and won shortly after relocating to Atlanta, Georgia.

Monet explains why this battle was so significant for her:

“The name was shaped around the shades of my own life and I have seen how the name and products have empowered and inspired many women like myself. I fought with all odds against me and with the help of a dear friend of mine that believed in my vision as much as I did, in the end we delivered an amazing Opposition later gaining the legal rights to “Shades of Monet”. Shades of Monet is about inspiration along with true faith.”

After finally leaving the 9-5 desk job for good and now fully focused on following her dream, Monet is on the rise to helping others as an Entrepreneurial Architect, by laying out plans that help both men and women navigate their way through the beauty industry.

As a former Educator for REDKEN & Pureology both being L’Oreal’s TOP brands and a true entrepreneur on the rise, Monet is a trailblazer, and one to look out for. The increasing amount of attention and opportunities finding their way towards Monet is no coincidence—her natural charisma and inspirational demeanor is the result of her ability to connect with her friends, clients and the general public alike. When she is not attending to her most important project—guiding her two girls on their path to success—she is spending her rare down-time with her husband and enjoying life in Atlanta. Monet also volunteers her time to several outreach programs for children lacking adequate role models at home while still working on film projects, glamming her clients up at her local salon Monet & Company, traveling around the States teaching preparing to promote her first book “Shear Destiny” which launches 2017.

Welcome to “Monet’s World”