This weekend marks the date for a new personal venture that I have set for myself. For so long I have posted daily quotes about following your dreams and reaching for the stars. Clearly one must practice what they preach! Right??

While my primary focus has been Shades of Monet Cosmetics, this past year I have decided to jump all in and take Shades of Monet, as a brand and company, to newer heights (all new changes will unfold one by one. Just be patient ..)

For years I have been a Master Stylist, MUA, etc. that has worked for fitness shows, editorial work, local fashion shows. etc. However, the last seven months have been very special for me, as I have been blessed to have surrounded myself with like-minded people that love the industry as much as I do!! They’re BIG THINKERS, CREATIVE MINDS, and love what our industry stands for. And they also see the impact our world brings to the average person looking for a slight change to boost their confidence!

For so long I have been wanting to further my education as a stylist, not only as a MUA but also as a Design Colorist and Hair Design Artist. However, life situations seem to have gotten in the way….I’m sure a scenario many can relate to. Finally, I said enough is enough, if I didn’t do it now I never will! So yesterday and today marks a new journey that I want each of you to take with me as I set out on my quest to become a REDKEN Specialist, Educator, and hopefully one day a REDKEN Platform Artist!

There is a lot more to this venture, and in due time each of you will know what it took for me to reach this dream! This is not a quick overnight process, and the competition is fierce!! Yesterday, I took my first baby step in a four part series of classes that will help me advance to the next level.

This is a huge step for me, and a journey that I will document along the way so that each of you can watch me grow as an artist from all aspects of the industry!! I ask for your support as loyal fans.

Anyway my friends, I am on my way to the second part of the first four series, and thank all of you for your love and support through the years! I look forward to having you walk side by side with me on this next journey to hair design success! 🙂

xoxo Monet