Kim Kardashian made $45 Mil off one game.

Women play an essential role in the success of the technological world. Female moguls have been receiving fame all over the globe. It is a great experience to see women taking over something in this male dominant world. By doing well in the field of technology, these female celebrities are constantly breaking the male stereotypes.

These women are not necessarily the creators or inventors of their personal apps, but they are the driving force behind them because of their personal brand. However, they benefit greatly from it, as they get paid for each and every thing that they post on Instagram, Facebook, and so many other social media profiles that they have.

Here are the top 10 female mobile moguls:

  1. Kim Kardashian West
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Britney Spears
  4. Demi Lovato
  5. Kylie Jenner
  6. Lea Michele
  7. Chelsea Handler
  8. Tracie Egan Morriessey
  9. Kendall Jenner
  10. Kristin Cavallari

Female Moguls’ Mobile Apps:

There is no doubt that star power motivates a lot of the traffic and audiences to download these applications. Even if the game is boring, it has a lot of worth because of the female mogul. Moreover, whenever you mention the words ‘female mogul apps,’ the first thing you hear about is the personal applications that Kim Kardashian and the Jenner’s have. Taylor Swift has also taken the lead in this mogul apps race, as her application has managed to be among the top five celebrity apps. With over 200 million followers on social media, Taylor Swift’s application is not as appreciated as the Jenner’s, but she has managed to make her mark in the world of applications.


Even young girls can’t get enough of these games.

The brands and app developers get more than excited whenever they are asked to build an application for a renowned celebrity. For instance, when Britney Spear’s team reached out to the developers to make an app for her, they were more than honored because they knew that people would be very interested in downloading the app even before they launched it. Thus, according to research, the most prominent celebrities, especially female celebrities, help the apps to rise to the top, even if the features are useless. As a result, almost every new app developer is trying to create innovative apps using the Kim Kardashian app as the goal of success. When you play any of these games, you get to customize the character on the app according to your choice, which is the celebrity itself.

This is an innovative method of making money, even if you have absolutely no talent at all. The addiction to these games is considered lame by most people, but still, there are countless users who download and play these games. Other than that, these apps are quite beautifully designed, mainly because the names of the celebrities are exclusively attached to them.

Either way, its yet another way to tap into the world of beauty and fashion if you’re an entrepreneur looking for new ideas.  If you’re someone looking to grow your brand socially then you’ll want to read my 5 tips on how to grow your business online.