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The subject on fashion bloggers is so interesting because there are thousands of them that are regularly writing articles and blogs to give information, advice, and valuable tips to their followers. Almost anyone can become a fashion blogger if she/he has a flair for writing and a decent sense of fashion. Here are a few of the top in the space of fashion and beauty.

Aimee Song


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This long legged beauty is one of the top fashion bloggers in the world and her blog Song of Style is keenly awaited by hundreds and thousands of fashion conscious men and women across the world. One can gauge her popularity with the fact that dresses posted by her on Instagram get sold out on the same day.

She recently published her blogging hobby into a New York Times Best Seller

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Chiarra Ferragni collection

Chiarra Ferragni

You’re excused for not knowing Chiarra if you live on an island or know nothing about fashion. Chiarra is one of the most successful fashion bloggers today with a massive fan following on Instagram. Her blog is called, The Blonde Salad and she now resides in L.A. This fashion blogger is earning close to $8 million per year.

I love this article as it dives deeper into Chiarra Ferragni:  The Brand  written by CBS News


This fashion blogger is in high demand among his followers and he is making the most of his popularity through appearance fees, advertising, and sponsored posts on websites. According to an estimate, BryanBoy is earning somewhere close to half a million dollars per month from various sources. You can check out his blog here. 


Bryanboy website

Jane Aldridge

Slim and sexy she is next on this list of most popular fashion bloggers. She writes mainly about shoes, and the name of her blog is Sea of Shoes. She is making a lot of money through not just her blogs but also sponsored posts, and appearances at functions and events.

Tina Craig


Bag Snob Official

Tina Craig runs a blog called Bag Snob that covers many fashion accessories like shoes, bags, jewelry, and so on. She is making money from her blogs through affiliate relationships.

Pink Peonies

Pink Peonies is the name of the blog written by Rach Parcel. She has become a very popular fashion blogger in recent times and earning handsomely through partnerships with big brands like J. Crew and TRESemme.

Scott Schuman

Earning no less than a million dollars per year. Scott Schuman is a very successful fashion blogger who writes about street fashion in The Sartorialist. His fashion tips are followed keenly by men around the country.

Antoniette Koulas

She is the person behind a very successful blog on fashion called Sydney Fashion Blogger. She earns more than $5k for updating her Instagram account. She is paid by companies to wear dresses and shoes.



Justin Stefano and Phillipe von Borries is the team behind this fashion blog having an unusual name of Refinery29. This blog is today earning close to $24 million for this pair. Justin Stefano and Phillipe von Borries is the team behind this fashion blog having an unusual name of Refinery29. This blog is today earning close to $24 million for this pair. I am so inspired by stories like this one written by Stephanie Brinkerhoff back in 2013 on Refinery29

How Two First-Time Founders Went From $28,000 Salaries To Owning A $100 Million Media Brand 

Clearly there’s a lot of money in the space of fashion and beauty to be made. Now it’s time to go after it. If you’re having a hard time growing your online personal brand? Here are 5 easy steps you could start with and get fast results!