am i ugly google searchAm I ugly?  Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is a saying that holds true today as it did thousands of years ago. It has been found that the quest for outward beauty has become a source of anxiety for a very high number of people, especially girls. This has been revealed by Google on the basis of the search phrase ‘Am I Ugly’ typed by many people every month showing 14 Mil search results on the phrase alone. Dove, a multinational company making beauty products back in 2016 conducted a search to find that only about 4% of ladies of the world believe that they are beautiful while the remaining 96% remain anxious how to look beautiful to others. The company has been running a project called self-esteem project that aims to change the way in which ladies, especially preteens and teens, look at themselves to help eliminate the need to ask  “am I ugly”?


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Dove has come to a conclusion that this anxiety to somehow look and feel beautiful among girls stems from the insecurity they feel in their mothers. These mothers, most of who are in their middle ages, make use of all sorts of beauty products and treatments to look beautiful in the eyes of others. If these mothers are confident of their looks, they would appear to be confident about their beauty and not anxious or nervous. It is really surprising and also disappointing to find these mothers as well as little daughters to feel bad about their bodies. These preteens and teenage daughters notice the reaction of their mothers when they look at mirrors, and they start to have the same insecurity and anxiety about their appearance.

Like mothers, all daughters become greatly influenced by their role models. These role models come from the world of entertainment, singers, performers even YouTube and Instagram Gurus who appear to have a beautiful outward appearances, attractive figures, and fabulous lifestyles. Even the beauty industry can be guilty of this wrong messaging.  I know as a mother that has been in various parts of the entertainment and beauty industry its been hard to balance both messages responsibly. I have always tried to convey the message to my girls that you don’t always have to be on. I will go to the local mall or grocery store with no makeup on more often then I do with it on. It’s also important to monitor what they are reading on social media or even where they are getting their beauty advice from online.

You will be astonished to know that 92% of the girls around the world want to change something in their bodies so that they can look and feel more beautiful and confident. To develop confidence among girls about their bodies and looks, it is important for mothers to realize that beauty should be a source of confidence and not anxiety.

Rachel Levin – Made a profound statement, then asked a profound question at the end of this video.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens Workbook Yes, it is good to be presentable before going out or mingling with others, but it is not advisable to remain obsessed with one’s body shape and looks. I do feel as a hairdresser, or makeup artist it is important for us to help women feel beautiful and confident without being obsessed with their curves or facial features. Lets make sure we work on helping our daughters not become victims to this ‘am i ugly’ search phrase phenomenon. Here are some additional tips from Dove.