We all have heard the term “reinventing yourself” at some point in our lives. Sometimes it’s from a mentor, and sometimes it’s from some inspirational video, text, speech or interview. Look at it like taking on a New Year’s resolution – we simply want a new beginning, or a fresh start. For example, summer will be here again soon, at which time many of us will take exercising more seriously so we can show off our new summer figure. Or you might have a new outlook on eating healthier while adding a more balanced lifestyle to help you reinvent yourself.

I’m sure if I were to look at the Whole30 sales’ numbers, I would see the peak sales more than likely in January and the start of summer. Regardless, these are actions taken by individuals who are looking to create a 3.0 version of themselves. This all comes down to two simple words: reinvent yourself.

We all know that we need to reinvent ourselves, but have you asked yourself with intention or purpose why now? Why this moment? Why do I have to start today? 

Throughout the “IT” Factor Master Class, we walk through a detailed model, where not only are you reinventing yourself, but you are also gaining clarity on WHY? The transformation from our pre- launch has been life changing – even for myself.

See, what I learned was that by doing even the smallest reinvention of one’s self often lends itself to opportunities. And that change oftentimes helps one climb out of some form of hardship. Change is inevitable, but the sooner you’re willing to allow yourself to go through a new season, the faster you will appreciate self-discovery.

The phrase “reinventing yourself” comes with many colors and layers and doesn’t always mean you have to physically change your outer appearance, even though most of us typically associate the phrase to that thought first. If not that, then the second thought is usually some form of a financial invention. I would like to add two new layers to the phrase “reinventing yourself”. First, “learning to let go” and the second with one simple word: adventure. I read about a lady who left her full-time job to go on a voyage with her cat. I found it not only interesting but certainly out of the box. I’m not personally an animal lover, even though I do have a crazy cat that somehow adopted me and her name is actually “Halo,” so the thought of traveling the world with a pet doesn’t inspire me. But her thirst for adventure certainly piqued my attention and pulled me into wanting to learn more about her and why she was on this quest. This was her version of reinventing herself. Remember, everyone has his/her own version, so it’s necessary that you know what you want through this personal quest.

I could write about people who left jobs and made decisions that turned their lives around, but I will pause on that note, because it would only influence the self-scrutiny process that you are probably going to go through when trying to understand your “why.”

See, the problem is that we’re too easily influenced, and that can cause issues. We love every new business idea; every new trend that we come across. In today’s digital era, decisions are becoming more and more volatile, and most importantly, we make decisions without first valuing their costs.

I share this not to scare you or place doubt in your mind about reinventing yourself, but rather so that you are mindful of why you are even considering such a journey.

Regardless, be assured that this is certainly the best time to reinvent yourself. Why? Because of all the opportunities that will help you succeed – right at your fingertips. Make use of the technology in today’s society. Whether you want to take up a new hobby, work on your communication skills, seek out new friends, attach yourself to a social cause or simply uncover tools that will help you salvage a failing area in your life.

Does anything on this list inspire you? I already have the perfect place for you to start with a tribe of like-minded individuals waiting for you, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Many years ago, it wasn’t so easy to find the right idea, or start your own company, or just switch to a job with which you would be satisfied. Now, with all of that being said, this very same course will help you figure out your USP (unique selling proposition), one that you never knew existed because it was buried deep inside, behind self-doubt or old ways.

Let’s use one of your favorite brands, for example. What if they never evolved in their branding or brand messaging? With all the changes technology offers in the palm of your hands, how likely would you be to stay with that brand if it never evolved over time? Chances are you would leave. Sure, you may still buy one or two products from them, but there’s something lacking from an inspirational point that now has you spending your time and dollars on other brands in the same space.

Let’s focus on building your USP and find ways to stand out from the crowd. However, do this with intent and purpose. You should never fear the idea of reinventing yourself as much as you should by staying in the same place. I can assure you that not only life, but also opportunity will surely pass you by.

 Photo by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash