Instagram Love

For someone who is a fashion blogger, or into cosmetics, clothing, or other businesses, Instagram is a perfect platform to make money. With its wide array of opportunities to organically engage users, it’s easily one of the best places to post your stories and connect with your followers.

The reason why Instagram should be on top of the list for people in the fashion industry is because this app is all about photos – beautiful, amazing photos. If you have a company or you’re a fashion / makeup blogger, there is a solid opportunity for you to use this platform in a better way.

In this article, we will just focus on how you need to take photos for your Instagram feed, when to post them, and what elements matter the most. So here they are:

Tell a story

With a nice background and a good quality self-explanatory caption, you can improve your user engagement. People are more interested in hearing stories… something valuable… something they can cherish… something they can share with others. To tell people a story, you need to post something that could really leave them in awe. And to be a success in the fashion industry, your best bet would to post travel and lifestyle photos. People get inspired by highlife, because this is what Instagram is about. Be that person or company that could provide people something amazing on Instagram.

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Take Up Photography

Your photography skills matter

You can’t just post any kind of photo on Instagram. It’s a place with “survival of the fittest” photos. Your Instagram filter matters: how you take a photo, how you select the background… it all matters. To be better on Instagram, you have to learn how to improve your smartphone camera skills. The first thing that you will want to invest in is a smartphone with great picture quality. This will help your images stand out right away. Plus you can edit your images immediately. This will help you save time and lots of photo editing dollars. A few tips to improve your photo’s quality on Instagram are:

  • Stay outdoors—it really brings out the fresh look to your photos where your followers are bound to interact.
  • Stick with a filter that goes well with your photos. This will help you edit photos better, but will also give nice feel to the Instagrammers.
  • Meet People. Share their Stories.

Mix it up

If you are a fashion blogger, you have to keep a balance between paid endorsements and good quality posts. Social media is all about engagement.  As previously mentioned, give people a story and they will buy from you.


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If you are getting too many endorsements, you have to create a timeline as to when you can post them. If you think that your feed is filled with too many of them, quickly share some personal photos, or something that can balance the impact.

Regardless what you choose to post, be smart and remember that there are rules also governed to help protect the consumers. If you are unsure as to what the FTC regulations state about Instagram sponsorship marketing please review here. I would hate to see your hard work go into cyberspace.